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Liz Malone is a fine art photographer from Long Island, NY. She is currently available for a myriad of projects including but not limited to glamour and portrait sessions, as well as live performances and events.

Liz's work has appeared in Newsday, art galleries, on album covers, and a variety of other mediums. She uses methods of light, shadow, and focal depth to create stories that leave you wanting more and more.

"There’s an ominous quality to Liz Malone’s work that is compelling like a classic Hitchcock thriller, with a sense of eroticism and and eye for detail that is very much her own. What is hidden and revealed is done so masterfully. Bravo."

"Compelling and cinematic, each photo whispers, murmurs or shouts volumes. Excellent work."

"These are such dramatic and courageous photos, yet, at the same time, intimate and emotional....."